Battle Rookie

Rookies are the players – enthusiastic battlers that train hard and befriend many monsters on their travels.

Black Burst Clan

Be careful! This is a shadowy organization with villainous intentions! Their goons can be encountered at the most unexpected places. And their leaders… who knows what they are up to?


Meet the mysterious Companion Creatures of Battle Frontier! They gladly assist Rookies in battle – and there is still a lot more to learn from them. The art of virtualizing allows Rookies and creatures to merge.


A bulky little buddy that loves roughhousing, maybe a bit too much. It confidently asserts its dominance by snorting in its opponent’s face – and doesn’t like being told what to do. Chews on the bones of its enemies, but is known to be very reliable – if it trusts you.


A bold little partner that probably knows a useful battle-trick or two. Goes by the philosophy “When it comes to battle, strength is not everything”. Has a knack for cleverly outwitting opponents much bigger than itself.


A sticky little fella that you can’t get rid of, once it takes a liking to you. It has a slightly sweet aroma and gentle yet protective demeanor. It slides on your back (or front) and firmly sticks with you through thick and thin.

Merge Beasts

When Rookie and Companion Creature are in perfect synth, they can merge into a single, super – powerful entity with incredible strength and skills. A merge combines a Rookie’s wit and a creature’s abilities – the best of two worlds!


This squishy beauty is the result of a well-executed merge of Rookie and Escargrape. The merge is known for its surprisingly high defense and overall resilience. On top of that, you can expect to observe its powerful healing abilities.


This absolute unit of a bipedal merge is respected as a master of martial arts. Whoever merges with their loyal Boncrec gains instant respect, due to the imposing size-boost alone. Imagine your arms stretching out bursting with muscle, your chest widening – and of course the sets of spikes and mighty tusks also can’t harm… that is, not yourself.


Watch out! The rabbit-eared merge is an infamous trickster. If one is in perfect synch with their Wolperting, opponents have slim chances. You never know how a battle with a Wolperting – merge goes as this one always has some unexpected tricks up their sleeves.