What is Battle Frontier

Battle Frontier is a fresh and diverse monster hunting experience with a twist. Challenge, rescue and train countless mysterious Battlebeasts – and learn to meld with them. Master their powers to gain an advantage in the numerous online multiplayer competitions. Compete against the best fighters in the universe to earn the title of Battle Frontier Champion. Visit new worlds online to prove your skills against opponents across the galaxy. Find new friends and trade powerful, rare or stylish Battlebeasts with them.


Goal of the game

  • Characters

    Battle Rookie

    Rookies are the players - enthusiastic battlers that train hard and befriend many monsters on their travels, gradually honing their skills and gaining valuable experience along the way.

  • Characters

    Blast Clan

    Be careful! This is a shadowy organization with villainous intentions! Their goons can be encountered at the most unexpected places. And their leaders… who knows what they are up to?

  • Characters


    Meet the mysterious Companion Creatures of Battle Frontier! They gladly assist Rookies in battle - and there is still a lot more to learn from them. The art of virtualizing allows Rookies and creatures to merge.

  • Characters

    Merge Beasts

    When Rookie and Companion Creature are in perfect synth, they can merge into a single, super - powerful entity with incredible strength and skills. A merge combines a Rookie’s wit and a creature’s abilities – the best of two worlds!


     “The First World” – Almania

    A green planet where antiquity and future collide.
    It is a majestic place of great technological progress, built on ruins of the long-lost past.
    There is a high number of wild and eccentric Creatures to be found in this world.

    Visit Frankfurt!

    It’s one of the planet’s 3 grand capitals.
    It’s THE place to meet new friends, go shopping, heal up, or to visit the Grand Battle Arena.
    Don’t forget to check out Frankfurt’s subway area that connects bustling urban districts.